My Art

A few days ago a friend of mine mentioned that I needed to update my blog because he was sick of looking at the outdated blaster box breaks.  An understandable sentiment to be sure, but I don’t know what to write about, so I’ve still yet to update.  I’m probably never going to catch up on the rest of the pack breaks, and I don’t experience a lot of talk about-worthy things being stuck where I’m at in life for the time being.  But there is something I can do.

I was considered a pretty good artist for my age back in my formative years.  When I was about 14 though, I just stopped getting better.  Eventually I pretty much just stopped altogether in frustration and the fact that I was in a horrible downward spiral at the time.  I still have my problems, but I’m in a place that isn’t quite as bad now, though I’d hardly even call it acceptable.

Last March I picked up the sketchbook my dad got me for Christmas the year before.  I drew Ness from Earthbound… and it wasn’t too bad.  Then I drew a picture of a friend.  It wasn’t real good, but in the past I would have given up instead of keeping at it and finishing it.  I’ve kept drawing off & on all year, getting a little better each time, and while I’m nowhere near as good as my dad or little brother, the artistic talent that runs in my family has apparently not completely skipped me.

With that in mind, I’m going to begin adding some of my art to my blog.  Maybe a day will come when I can actually make a little cash off of my skillz, maybe not, but in the past 10+ months I’ve rediscovered this little joy from my younger days, so I think I’ll share it on this here blog.  After all, it’s another thing going on behind these hazel eyes that makes me, me.

Look for my art, both the comic and the realistic, coming soon to Behind These Hazel Eyes.

A little preview

A little preview...