The Lonestarr Personal Collection- 1983 Fleer Ryne Sandberg RC

One of the better couple dollars I’ve ever spent..

Picked this beauty up on COMC not too long ago for around $2.40.  I already have two Topps Ryno RCs, so now I just need OPC and Donruss I think.  I’ll never be able to afford the TCMA card.  Also, those early-’80s Cubs unis are ridiculous, but still better than the fugly White Sox’ early-’70s Sunday alternate throwbacks.

I wish I had more to say about the card itself though.  It’s definitely worthy of an insane Night Owl post.  Maybe I could use it as an excuse to continue down the ridiculous uniform rabbit hole, or lament the lack people naming their kids Ryne these days or something.  But alas, I’m not that focused or seasoned or good.  If I was, I’d have my silly tween genre fiction novels written & published already & no longer be living in this dump & I’d be able to afford more cards &… Err, anyway, just suffice to say I absolutely LOVE this card.

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Let’s Reboot Star Trek: The Next Generation

Yeah, that’s a terrible idea.  But The Mary Sue already did it, and it turned out to be not so bad.  So because I’m astoundingly bored at the moment, I’m gonna try too.  I’ll be a little more free-wheeling with my choices in places though.  Let’s do it.

Jean-Luc Picard– Idris Elba or Eddie George

Idris Elba could play pretty much any role in this and own it.

Former star NFL running back, current small-time Shakespearean actor and occasional TV personality.  Also charismatic and looks good bald.

RikerMichael Shanks or Gina Torres

He has the look and the cred to bring the jack-of-all-trades second-in-command back to life.

Or how about a gender-swapped Riker? Gotta be Gina Torres of Firefly fame.

Geordi La ForgeDule Hill

Easiest. Casting choice. Ever.

DataMichael Emerson

Because I’d rather have Tom Hiddleston more-or-less reprise his Loki role as Q.

Dr. CrusherAlex Kingston

Also easiest casting choice ever.  Experience playing doctor on ER and cool enough equal footing with The Doctor hisself.

WorfMichael Clarke Duncan or Shad Gaspard

This is all about how you want to portray Worf. Michael Clarke Duncan would make him a much more seasoned badass…

… While former WWE star Shad Gaspard would likely be closer to the original character, if even more physically imposing at 6’7″, still finding his way.

Deanna TroiApril O’Neil

Just keep April O’Neil from the outstanding TNG porn parody. As you can see, she IS Troi.  Plus she’s a huge nerd in real life.  Make it so.

Wesley Crusher–  Taylor Swift

I don’t pay enough attention to really know any child actors, so we’ll both gender swap AND Dawson cast early-20s Taylor Swift, since she can play adorably awkward teenager so well.

Tasha YarMichelle Rodriguez or John Cena

Not obvious in looks, but pretty clear in personality. You need a tough chick to play Yar, and M-Rod fits the bill. And being Yar makes it easy to write her out if Ms. Rodriguez gets up to the off-set shenanigans.

If you’re going to gender-swap any character, Yar might be the one to do it with. John Cena can act competently and has toughness cred as a wrestling megastar, without being quite as obviously imposing as other casting choices, which is a pretty good way to gender swap a character, I think.

Miles O’BrienWil Wheaton

Grown up Wil seems to fit the mildly curmudgeonly everyman of the Federation rather well.  I also might currently bear a passing resemblance to him in this pic, so ha.

GuinanKeisha Castle-Hughes

I just like the idea of a super wizened and long-lived character looking physically young. And I think Keisha Castle-Hughes has the chops to play old in a young person body.

 Reg BarclayMasi Oka

After seeing Get Smart, I think Masi Oka is the right guy to play a background character that all manner of insane chaos befalls.

Ro LarenKaren Gillan

Eh, why not?

QTom Hiddleston


There ya go.  This call done been casted.  Back to the usual baseball card nonsense next.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Sketch Cards Complete!

Andre Ethier.  I know where are lots of Dodgers fans out there..

Blue Jays ace Ricky Romero.  Bound for Long Fly Ball once we get a deal worked out..

Mr. Cub!

Real people seem to come out better in Watercolor pencils, though skin tones are still the hardest thing.  If you want to see Hank Aaron before he gets to Dayf, check the Home Run King out on my deviantART (like 10-20 minutes after I post this post EDIT: It’s up).  Do keep in mind, however, if you are signed in on dA, I have a few NSFW pieces on there, so tread carefully if you decide to further explore my gallery.

That’s all for this one.  As ever, my thanks for stopping by!  Take care everybody, beat the heat (also the Heat), etc, etc…

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Discount Blaster Keepers

And now for the stuff I’m keeping from those 40%-off 2011 Topps Series Two blasters.

Hawk & The Hurt, coming this fall to CBS..

I needed all four I pulled..

Just base, but a couple might end up in my various frankensets..

I’ve been keeping a few Heywards & Chapmans around. I do like Sale & Uggla too. Feel free to make an off on either though. I might be willing to deal..

Like the Posadas, I pulled two of these as well. Just keeping the one though..

Darwin Barney base and Blackout RCs. They go nice with the Diamond parallel I already had..

And finally, a couple nice King Felix parallels..

I am not entirely displeased with these blasters.  Got a nice stack of things I needed & tons of inserty trade bait.  Base Topps blasters offer so much more random fun crap than probably just about any others out there.  Granted, at least half is always pretty forgettable, but it’s there at least.

Well, that’s all for now I guess.  I’ve got a decent-sized, and growing, queue of complete, or close to it, posts, so I’ll be around quite a bit for the next month or so.  Thanks for stopping by today!


2 40%-off 2011 Topps Series 2 Blasters

From Walmart:


They look awesome, but it sucks how ridiculously condition sensitive these things are.

And the last of the non-keeper Blackouts.

Get ur shine on..

Duos & 60s. Not much to say about these..

The lone gold. Not that it matters much. Let’s have gold parallels look like 2012’s Gold Sparkles from now on please..

Perhaps you like kicking it old school (or hair on the edge of your scan)..

The only original back I pulled. You’d think I would’ve remembered to scan the back, but no. This one is reluctantly available..

Tradercracks claimed these already..

Tradercracks also claimed this..

McCutchen is available though. But be forewarned that the patch is slightly loose on it..

That is all.  Everything not claimed by Tradercracks is available.  Thanks for stopping by!

Spin the wheel, make the deal…

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Mini Blasters

They finally made to my K-Mart!  Picked up a couple, gonna pick up another next time I need to go there.  Here’s the good stuff from these two.

Uggla Jersey, Ellsbury Jersey, CC Blue, Ankiel Blue, Randy Johnson 20th Anniversary, Griffeys Sr. y Jr. 20th Anniversary..

20 cards, an insert, a parallel and a jersey per blaster.  Not bad for $5.99 apiece!  It makes pulling a lame jersey a lot easier to swallow.  Fortunately, both of these were pretty good.  All I’m keeping Griffeys Sr. y Jr., but the rest are available.  Also, isn’t someone out there collecting the 20th Anniversary Retrospectives? I have a bunch I can send them.  That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Ultra-Pro for the Busy Mom?

Ap-parent-ly! Oh the puns…

I don’t know if this is brilliant or ridiculous, I just know I needed some of the pages for bigger cards and the single one for one of my bigger Raven sketches.  You’d think if these were specifically for coupons for non-card collecting women/parents/whoever does the brunt of the shopping/whatever/etc, that they would be somewhere more visible than the card aisle with the rest of the card supplies!

Is you biological clock ticking yet?  How about now?

This Post Brought to You by Jerry Koosman’s E. Coli Grill

Try the schnitzel!

Yeah, I got nuthin’.  Super tired and the jackass that lives above me has been stomping around like the asshole they are for at least an hour (it is 7:39am as I write these very words).  Not acceptable.  So just enjoy the Koos and try to ignore the loud violence I’ll be inflicting on my upstairs neighbor just offscreen.  Thx.