Blank Covers

Got these bad mamma-jammas (mostly) inked a few weeks ago.  Have a look, won’t you?

The Avengers, assembled. This is the not quite finished one. Was using a pen that was too big for some of the small stuff. So I gotta hunt up a .3 or .35, depending on which brand I use, to get those parts. Was using the .6 for these.

She-Hulk! I used a model for this one. She had no muscle mass at all though (or boobage really), so I had figure that out myself. Turned out okay I think.

I have no idea when it’ll be coming, but trade bait will be coming next.  Maybe.  Until then, back to the drawing board.

Drawing in the Dark…

In The Meantime…

I got seven packages sent out on Feb. 29th.  Hopefully they’ve all reached their destinations by now.  In the meantime, I finally broke out of the writing funk briefly and got nearly 1000 words in on Missionworks one night, but mostly I’ve been getting my art on.  And it has mostly just been one big picture.  I recently started watching Ring Ka King, and I absolutely love it.  It’s a TNA-backed Indian wrestling promotion.  So I had the big idea to take a 9″x12″ piece of cardstock and cram as much of the roster as possible on that thing.  I’m only maybe 30% done with it, and it’s taking forever to find the right pics, but here’s a preview, if you missed it on Twitter the other day.

First Ring Ka King champ Matt Morgan, Commissioner Jazzy Lahoria & his bodyguard the Deadly Danda, and Ring Ka King goodwill ambassador and apparently a rather famed cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Singh again, The Sheiks, & Alyssa Flash/Raisha Saeed.

It was too big to fit in the scanner, so I had to do multiple scans of different parts.  Anyway, there ya go.  Not much of a post, but it’s something.  Hopefully I’ll finally get to the trade bait from COMC soon.  Until then, back to the drawing board.

Drawing in the dark…