Mediocre Twitter Poetry Theatre

I’ve done quite a few of these silly things in recent days.  Figured I might as well collect them here on the ol’ blog again.  I know there have been a few people who seemed to enjoy it when I’ve dropped rhymes on here in the past anyway.  It’s all pretty random, just what happened to be on my mind at any given time.  Enjoy.

When I look at you

I drink it in

Enjoy the view

Like it’s a sin

From your head

To your toes

A treat so sweet

Til the last drop flows


Riding rough, the lonely trail

A jaded rōnin

With a battle-hardened soul

Following the money

Wherever it goes

A lamentable fate

For the once ideal

When all the while

She’s just looking

For a place to lay her head

That feels like home


Both hopelessly romantic

Yet their views on love

Seem diametrically opposed

Is there common ground

For the one so intensely focused

All in, every time

And the one who wanders

Desiring to spread their love around

Can two beautiful, but disparate souls

Strike a lasting bond


We are the last legion

Soldiers in a hopeless, endless war

For what we fought

And stood for fast & strong

Spanned centuries and star systems

Yet all that remains

Our sacrifice

Written in death & destruction

An ode to the ideals Of arrogant old fools

Whose night has finally come


And this, baby

Is the perfect love

Between you and me

Our souls intertwined

Organic technology

Never felt so alive

In our flesh-wrapped circuitry


I can feel it in my bones

My body is ready

Soon I will Shed this skin

Awaken the power

That lies within


Let the metamorphosis begin

Until our next…

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