The Lonestarr Personal Collection #7

Coming off an 86 hit day for my blog, I think I should try to keep it going.  So here’s a little personal collection goodness for your viewing pleasure:

I actually pulled this from a pack myself!

I actually pulled this from a pack myself!

It’s true, I pulled this from a pack!  A pack of 2005 topps Pack Wars… wait wut?  If you are confused, don’t worry, so was I when I pulled it.  I even wrote the dude I got the pack from, asking about it.  He didn’t even know.  I’m not sure how I found out what the deal was, but I was eventually steered in the right direction.

In the odds on the back of the pack, in 1:59 packs falls a retired player autograph.  It’s vague and easy to overlook.  This is what you get.  Leftover 2003 topps Fan Favorites autographs.  It’s more awesome than you think.  I mean, that was a pretty great set, with lots of regionally legendary Hall of Very Good players amongst the Hall of Famers.  It’s not a high priority, but I would like to get ahold of some more someday.

As for this card itself, there is so much going for it:

• One of these years, Lee Smith is going to get into the Hall of Fame.

• The auto is on card, which is always nice.

• His sig is also nice.  Pleasingly loopy.

• The design is 1983 topps, quite possibly the most perfectly designed cards ever made.

• Lee’s smile in the little head shot makes you fear for your life.

There you have it, one of the cooler pieces of my personal collection.

4 thoughts on “The Lonestarr Personal Collection #7

  1. wickedortega says:

    Great lookin card dude!! I use to love Lee Smith!

  2. night owl says:

    I pulled to auto cards from 03 Fan Favorites (both have since been traded). Both from retail. Love that set.

  3. night owl says:

    Uh, “to” should be “two.” It’s not like I write for a living or anything.

    • lonestarr says:

      Lol, it’s okay. It happens to the best of us. And it’s the internet, so typonese is like the national language. 😛

      I wasn’t collecting baseball much back then, so I’m not sure I’ve ever even busted more than a pack or two that may have come from a repack box back when those were good. I have been wanting to get a box of something along those lines for while now.

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